My name is Jamie Jensen and this is my story from health to sickness, to health again and finding joy in the journey.

It all started about  5 Years ago, soon after I had my first baby. I had a new Baby and any new mom can attest, that it is life changing to have a child, especially the first!! My Baby didn’t sleep through the night till after he turned a year old. I was tired… unbelievably tired, all the time! It was all I could do to get out of bed to do necessary tasks like getting the baby out of bed, changing his diaper, getting him fed… you know, taking care of basic needs. while I did this I usually would lay down anywhere I could, just to get a break from exhaustion.  At the time I thought this was normal, having a non-sleeping baby and all.
One day it came to light! I went on a vacation with my mom and baby to see my grandma. My mom quickly realized, after seeing how extremely tired I was and watching my need to repeatedly lay down, this was not just a “non-sleeping” baby problem, she knew better, she had raised a few of her own after all!

When we returned from grandmas, I made a trip to the ol’ Doc and had everything tested. Honestly I expected the results to be normal! But then I got “the call” from the doctors office saying I needed to come back in, because the results came back abnormal. I was still in doubt and kind of assumed it wasn’t anything really serious, cause really that never happens to “me” Right?! Well, I went in and WOW, this was serious – Chronic Kidney Disease “C.K.D”. My Kidney function was pretty much rock bottom and my body wasn’t getting all the “junk” filtered out of my body, this was causing the extreme fatigue! How did this happen? I was such a healthy person! I ate well, I was young, fit and somehow still found myself plagued with disease! How? I not only had this disease, but real depression had been creeping in. Something that someone who has never experienced… could never fully understand the feeling of darkness and loneliness that comes with this in itself! And worse, I hid the depression.

I thought about the options I had for treatment, I prayed and knew that for me I wasn’t ready to do the usual thing. I told my doctor I wanted to try a more natural route first, he only agreed if I would come in for regular testing to make sure my kidneys were actually improving and not getting worse or just maintaining their current state. My doctor suggested a couple supplements that might aid in the process and off I went.

A few days later I was actually introduced to essential oils from a great friend and found out for myself how powerful these can be in aiding the body’s health! I studied them and started using them very consistently everyday to support my health and healing. I had been blessed to have found these! I also met with a health coach and changed just a couple more things in my diet; alkaline water, fresh green drinks (without any sugar or artificial sugar!), real salt, and no more main stream deodorant of any kind (I make my own now). I had to get rid all things chemically unnatural, even if it was on the outside. I had to make sure I had all my bases covered so I was giving my body an environment worthy of letting the healing begin.

The healing began!! It was like spring had finally started after the darkest, most bitter winter. Slowly, but surely it was happening, Tests were done repeatedly and miraculously my body was healing! After a year and a half my kidney were in the normal range again, essential oils really were my saving grace! My body was healing so much… but every once in a while I would still feel jolts of serious pain through my kidneys. It wasn’t until 3 years later that I had found, unintentionally, a healing therapy called Footzoning. I found the pains in my kidneys started disappearing after having sessions done. (Another great tool to add to the toolbox for amazing health!)

This whole healing process was a God given gift. I know these years of hardship with my health were truly a blessing from God, a blessing in disguise, a blessing to know that I am His, that his plans aren’t always my plans. But, I can have hope knowing there is a “plan” for me and you from above. I know He was with me through it all, even if the results would have been different! I know we are never alone! In our darkest of moments we haven’t been forgotten, only our faith tried.

I continue to study anything healing or preventative and thank Heavenly Father for my knowledge and experience. I enjoy teaching natural healing and prevention classes, Practicing Footzoning and of course… essential oils!

We can have hope! God is with you, He is with us, His plans are greater than our own, to truly teach us in our own unique ways. I hope my story can bring even a glimmer of hope to someone else fighting their fight. You were never alone.

You are worth the journey!
May your journey lead you to a higher destination!

To your vibrant health,

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  1. Robin Jarman

    It was so great meeting you at the conference ? Your story is a great one and it really resonates to me. Do you remember me and my daughter? Robin Jarman

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  3. Rachelle

    Hi Jamie, my name is Rachelle Stringham. Tammy Ward gave me your name. I am looking to get certified in foot zoning. Any information would be appreciated. Weather you are offering classes or where I can take them. Also pricing?
    Thank you so much!


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