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Essential oils are powerful!  I have been using essential oils for years now, I started using them when I was Diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Essential oils were a major part of my Healing from the disease and now I am kidney disease free and counting! Read my story here or Watch my video here
I have had the chance to use essential oils extensively over the last 6 years since I used them in aiding my health from a chronic disease. But I also have experienced using them on my own children over the years with great success. They do take Learning to use them correctly, but it is super easy to use and learn!  I like this book and This book. Both are from essential oil experts! The one written by Dr. Daniel Penoel, a French Medical doctor has used essential oils in his practice for over 40 years! I have even had the opportunity to learn from him at his seminars and I also have had the opportunity to speak to him personally!! He is quite the guy… very passionate and fun to learn from!


Quality matters with essential oils!!! I can’t stress that enough! If you are buying anything that is less than the highest quality you can find for medicinal purposes, its not worth your pennies, because its just not going to do the job. Choose an essential oil line that has consistent high quality oils. There are other companies that have good quality oils besides Ameo, I also like Butterfly Express. They have good quality oils and have great customer service as well.

Why I Choose Ameo essential oils
I love Ameo essential oils and the reason is simply this… they are the most effective essential oil brand I have found(I have used many different ones and not to mention their quality!). I literally noticed how fast I saw results compared to anything I’ve used and that is what changed my mind (though I do LOVE the Technology and science that backs it up)!

Ameo’s (industry changing) Patent-pending Technology
What really intrigued me was their pioneering patent-pending technology. This Technology has proven that essential oils can and do penetrate live human cells to effect the body’s health at the cellular level(this is what makes essential oils work, and not all essential oils penetrate! That’s why this MATTERS!). This was only “theory” in the essential oil world until Ameo was launched in 2014. It doesn’t stop there either! This company actually lets YOU SEE(add batch code on bottom of oil and press search) ALL the THIRD PARTY TEST results for each batch of oil and YOU can WATCH the patent-pending cell test done for YOUR batch of oil and see the oils tested on LIVE human cells right on your own computer!!

The patent-pending test really is allowing the science world to study essential oils at a whole new level that has never been seen before. They are even finding that different batches of essential oil from the same farm may pass the standard third party GCMS tests and only some of the batches may pass the cell penetration test, making the one that didn’t pass useless for health purposes (that is why Ameo’s oils are consistently effective). They have even found that different essential oils effect different parts of the cell and have created blends (like Cell Therapy blend) that effect the cell as a whole and are “super” super carriers for other oils! 

My Conclusion
After using LOTS of different oils and having success with other oil companies I have been “converted” through practical use on my own family and clients and learning everything about the company’s Technology… I have chosen Ameo essential oils! I have seen a significant difference in how quickly and effectively they work compared to anything else I have used!

Every home deserves to utilize the power of the most effective essential oils Available. They are SO EASY to use that anyone can learn how to use them and use them effectively!

To your vibrant health!


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