Footzone Education Demo

Learn to Zone
Anyone can learn to zone from anywhere that has internet access and very well through Good Health is Happiness’ Programs. I use a very inspired curriculum that was developed by Stephanie Marcum to be learned from anywhere in the world. This is how I learned!! I have also added my own touches and education with the course.


There are 3 different media rich educational options available.

1. The Tutorials – are for people who are looking to learn completely on their own from anywhere at anytime. This allows for practice on loved ones or yourself. They are detailed drawings and live videos to help you easily and quickly learn the Footzone technique.

Example – videos from the tutorials
 Demo Drawing: The Lymph Drains

Demo Video: The Lymph Drains


2. The Crash Course includes the tutorials and a one on one session with a certified instructor.

3. The Seminar

Footzoning education

Is a full educational course to become a footzone practitioner. This course typically takes 6 months and is completely on-line. This course utilizes the tutorials, teaches anatomy and physiology, basic herbs, essential oils, supplements, energy work, nutrition, muscle testing and professional mentoring through your seasoned instructor. You will get to know your instructor and class mates through video and skype/facetime. It really is a  remarkable program for those looking to further their education in footzoning.