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There are different options to buy: 
Wholesale – I personally did the wholesale membership (25% off retail pricing). I wanted a great deal from buying an “oil Kit”. The oil kits come with a free membership (normally $20) and a free diffuser (this is only for newly enrolling people), plus you pay LESS for a kit of oils than buying them individually. You can also choose the auto-ship program (no minimum order) and earn points (up to 25%) for free product from every Purchase (it’s like getting 50% off retail). Or you can just pay the 20$ membership fee and buy which ever oils you want at wholesale price.

ROC – This is a great program that allows people to take advantage of the rewards points as a Re Order Customer without a membership fee at wholesale prices. But the great thing about this is… its a referral program. So if you tell someone about the oils and they love it, you can actually get free points towards your purchases everymonth. (You could get your whole orders free every month!)

Retail Customer – You can Buy the oils at Retail prices too.
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